Gold Standard Cryotherapy

CryoPen offers precise, powerful but easy-to-use cryotherapy treatment to permanently remove benign skin lesions with no stress or pain. The leading-edge, beautifully simple device removes all benign skin lesions safely, quickly and effectively with no collateral damage to healthy tissue.

The ultimate cryotherapy tool for power, speed and precision, CryoPen offers controlled destruction of unwanted tissue in just 3 – 45 seconds allowing for better treatment and results.

Features and Benefits

  • Precision: No pain and therefore no preparation nor anaesthesia. No damage to healthy tissue also means no follow-up care is necessary
  • Power: Combination of extremely low temperature (in-tissue –89°C) and high pressure (55 bar microjet - 45 micrometres = 0.045mm) ensures fast and only 1 treatment in most cases
  • Practicability: No battery or maintenance makes it highly portable with no logistic hassles
  • Quality: 100% Belgian made and tested
  • Low Cost: Maximise profit and time with extremely quick ROI

Two Devices Reinventing Cryotherapy

CryoPen M

For Aesthetic Professionals

The perfect cryotherapy tool for removing small or superficial benign lesions such as sunspots, age spots, skin tags and small warts. Comes with 8g cartridges and 2 applicators: Blue/red 1-3mm and White/red 2-6mm

Treats: Skin Tags, Hemangioma, Pigmented Spots, Seborrheic Keratosis and Solar Lentigo.

CryoPen O

For Medical Practitioners

All-purpose, powerful cryotherapy device. Comes with a convertor tool to switch between 8g and 16g cartridges and 3 applicators: Blue/red 1-3mm, White/red 2-6mm and Green/red 4-8mm

Treats: Skin Tags, Warts, Hemangioma, Pigmented Spots, Seborrheic Keratosis, Solar Lentigo, Condyloma, Actinic Keratosis, Seborrheic Keratosis, Molluscum Contagiosum and Porokeratosis.