Meet the Founder

“35 years ago, I began my journey to understand skin, the way it works and the best ways to respect it in order to retain skin youth. The answer I soon learnt is simple, look after the skin’s health and ultimately you get to enjoy skin youth”


Maria Enna-Cocciolone is the thread that links INSKIN and its portfolio brands. Having graduated with her Diploma of Health Science in 1985, Maria worked for a range of leading skincare brands in diverse roles and positions until 2007, when she founded INSKIN COSMEDICS.

Today, with 35 years industry experience, Maria is one of Australia’s most reputable skin gurus and the only Australian industry icon to have created two professional skincare brands from scratch.

Maria is recognised in the industry for her creation of the ‘Cosmedical’ category – cosmedics with a “d”. Having coined the term fusing the words cosmetic and medical, Maria is committed to providing medical strength skincare solutions with the ability to transform skin through proper skin health management. The cosmedical category is all about cell optimisation and as Maria explains is “not for the faint hearted”. Using active ingredients in their functional doses means cells are put back to work and as a result there may be initial responses patients are not used to.

“In 2007 after being blessed with the opportunity to study skin, travel, and learn internationally, I began the INSKIN journey.”

In 2009 Maria created and launched O COSMEDICS, today Australia’s number one cosmedical skincare brand. O COSMEDICS was created to fight the five major causes of aging, using medical-grade active ingredients, proven delivery systems to prevent and correct skin aging and degradation. It stands for being happy and confident in your skin no matter what age or stage of your life you are in.

In 2017 Maria co-created her second brand, GINGER&ME and introduced a Mindfulness category to the beauty world. Complete with a signature, professional Mindfulness Treatment that includes an in-treatment guided meditation, GINGER&ME focuses on empowering the sisterhood to 'choose their tude' with the knowledge that 'you are enough'.

Maria has a philosophy that all brands under her portfolio must make ‘good business and good skin sense’, supporting healthy businesses and skin too. Her focus is defying skin aging and giving patients their best opportunity to age gracefully, be confident in their skin and never stop believing in themselves; the two pillars O COSMEDICS and GINGER&ME have been built on. Her goals are to expand her brands internationally, one country, one skin at a time.