INSKIN COSMEDICS - The Story of a Woman with A Dream, Her Garage, A Pair of Heels and Some Flats.

Maria Enna-Cocciolone only ever wanted one thing; to create her very own range of candles. In the Spring of September 2007 in the garage of her family home, Maria lit the flame of a dream bigger than anyone, including she, could have ever imagined – INSKIN COSMEDICS.

INSKIN COSMEDICS launched with one brand, no clients, and a vision to return the heart and soul to the Australian beauty industry. In her flats, Maria was the Warehouse Manager, Pick and Pack, Customer Care, Operations and Logistics. In heels she was Sales, Marketing and Education.

In October 2007, INSKIN COSMEDICS launched to the trade in Sydney and Melbourne and soon had its first 30 partners. Maria’s kids became the part-time pick and pack team and her husband CFO by night (working a full-time corporate job by day). Within 6 months INSKIN COSMEDICS welcomed emerginC and two brands proved too many for the garage. It was off to INSKIN’s first ever official Head Office and hello to new additions: inskinLED; Cosmedi-Peel Microdermabrasion and Skin-Inject Clinical & Retail skin needling devices.

In 2009, Maria added to INSKIN’s portfolio when she created her first ever range and, while it wasn’t candles, it was destined to become Australia’s fastest growing and number one Cosmedical skincare range – O COSMEDICS. Australian made, owned, and loved, internet protected to ensure skin health journeys happen face-to-face with an expert and designed specifically to fight skin aging, correct serious skin conditions, and ultimately result in skin health, youth, and confidence.

In 2017 Maria,co-created and launched GINGER&ME – a new skincare range born to address modern skin concerns with a touch of luxury and, in all honesty, after too many cocktails on a rooftop bar in Hong Kong. GINGER&ME is dedicated to the Sisterhood with a focus on Mindfulness, empowerment and skin health results including a signature professional Mindfulness Treatment featuring an intreatment guided meditation.

“In 2020, INSKIN COSMEDICS has transformed from a beauty distributor to a leading Medical Aesthetic Distributor”

In 2020, INSKIN COSMEDICS has transformed from a beauty distributor to a leading Medical Aesthetic Distributor and is home to a powerhouse portfolio of skin health products and devices including: O COSMEDICS, GINGER&ME, DermapenWorld, emerginC, Viora Devices, PhotonSmart, CryoPen and SkinDNA .

The INSKIN COSMEDICS family, though bigger than ever – and still growing, continues to go from strength to strength anchored by the same founding 8 Core Values Maria created in her garage: Integrity, Customer Centric, Transparency, The Honey Pot, Personal Responsibility, Gratitude, Family and Growth. To this day, these values are taught to each new team member during induction by Maria personally.

Maria and INSKIN COSMEDICS may have left the garage over 10 years ago but this CEO, Director, Creator and Leader still wears both heels and flats – it just depends on the day! Oh… And that candle range? She’s still working on it!