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Consumer: Purchase G&M Skin Chill Globes and receive 5 x O No Baggage Eye Masks for just $30. That’s a saving of $30!
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Up the ante on at-home treatments that support and boost skin health results with this GINGER&ME Skin Chill Globes and O Cosmedics No Baggage Native Collagen Eye Masks collaboration!


Skin Chill Globes offer the ultimate Cool Factor that make blood vessels contract and then dilate to increase blood flow, circulation, oxygen and tighten pores leaving the skin alive, vibrant, glowing and plump, reducing redness and under eye puffiness whilst increasing product penetration.


Unlike many traditional sheet masks drowning in serum, O No Baggage Native Collagen Eye Masks are 97% skin identical Freeze-Dried Bovine; making them a second skin to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate, plump and firm the delicate eye area. The magic is in the sheets!

Combine the chill factor of the Skin Chill Globes that increase blood flow, circulation and oxygen with the smoothing, hydrating, plumping and firming of the No Baggage Eye Masks. Put on the Masks and massage with the Globes for 5-15 minutes for the ultimate lymphatic massage to encourage detoxification and even skin tone.

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